Energy Solutions for Government Purchasing

powering federal, state, local and military operations

HCI Energy has developed its proprietary and patented technology to address a variety of government needs, from disaster relief and defense to community development and public safety. Our products are proudly made and manufactured in the United States. Government agencies can purchase these solutions directly through our prime contact holder partner, Federal Contracts Corp.

An Array of Customizable Solutions

HS 20/HS 10 (Hybrid Cube Solution)

Prepackaged, turnkey solution integrating wind, solar, battery storage and a genset to produce reliable power; 10’ and 20’ models require limited civil work and are easily deployed.

HS C-6 (Hybrid Cabinet Solution)

6 kW genset combined with solar and battery storage producing power in a smaller footprint; includes internal fuel tanks and space for end-user gear.

Zero-Glitch Power Module (ZPM)

Rack-mounted power solution with battery back-up; eliminates transfer switches as a point of failure and offers conditioned power when most needed.

Customer Equipment Module (CEM)

Specifically designed to house customer/end-user equipment or gear; can be tailored to provide functional space and equipment protection.

For more information or to inquire for purchasing, contact Federal Contracts Corp.

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GSA Contract #GS-07F-202CA