The Ins and Outs of the Hybrid Cube

delivering a brighter future

Introducing the portable power plant that delivers reliable energy to any site anywhere in the world, regardless of power grid accessibility

For years, legacy technology has presented various challenges to communities and companies in need of reliable, renewable energy. Today, there’s an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution available that’s changing the future of power. Designed, manufactured and marketed by HCI Energy, the Hybrid Cube is a self-contained transportable power plant that leverages wind and solar energy with integrated battery storage and DC generator technology to meet power demands of users anywhere in world.


Cost Effective

Proprietary combination of field-proven technologies lowers system lifecycle costs dramatically

Eco Friendly

Combines solar, wind and renewable energy sources efficiently to minimize CO2 and GHG emissions

Easily Portable

Self-contained ISO-friendly design allows for delivery using various transportation methods to any location

Maximum Utility

System customization allows for seamless use in applications, industries and locations around the globe

Simplifying a complex problem through smarter application


At the very center of the system, the Hybrid Cube leverages an onboard battery storage technology and a highly efficient power inverter. Battery and generator management is handled through the system controller, which, through the setting of battery type and capacity, ensures optimal site management and maximum lifetime of the battery and generator. The system controller also orchestrates efficient utility of subsystems, including the generator. To better meet specific customer requirements, the Cube can accommodate a number of different generator platforms and run on a variety of common fuels.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and wind turbines supply renewable energy either individually or in unison to the Hybrid Cube system. Maximum energy harvest from the valuable PV array is accomplished through a 99.9% Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. These field-proven energy production points feature low operating costs and carbon-free energy production. The renewable energy inputs from wind and solar sources feed the onboard battery storage components on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, the Cube is a self-contained hybrid solution that fits within a single standard 20-foot ISO shipping container.


Given the Hybrid Cube’s unique patented design, delivery to and deployment in almost any location around the globe is possible. The self-contained standard shipping container can be transported by truck and trailer, train, boat or even helicopter to locations without reliable transportation or inaccessible through traditional delivery methods. (For more on potential delivery locations, read about our Key Markets.)

Once delivered, the shipping container provides an extremely secure storage structure for the Hybrid Cube that is weather resistant and nearly impenetrable. The adaptive reuse of these containers furthers the Cube’s eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Immediately following delivery, system set up can be customized and completed within a short time and users can experience dramatic benefits without unnecessary ongoing onsite modifications.


The rapidly deployable Hybrid Cube delivers significant fuel savings over generator supplied loads, in addition to minimizing power system lifecycle costs and carbon footprint. It uses an onboard battery energy storage system as the normal source to the load, which allows for load fluctuation adjustments to be made quickly and efficiently. The storage reduces generator size and runtime, minimizes consumption and fueling operations, and extends system maintenance intervals.

The Cube is designed and configured to connect renewable energy inputs to further extend Silent Watch Mode and provide even greater reductions in fuel consumption. It stores excess energy and then makes it available on demand as conditions warrant. Because the generator technology is fuel agnostic, it is adaptable based on what is most readily available to the customer and the installation location’s fuel infrastructure. The system is simple to use, safe, scalable and suitable for a wide variety of applications. Featuring low operating costs and reduced carbon emissions, these resources provide a valuable energy source for remote sites or carbon-conscious clients.

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