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May 13, 2019
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June 7, 2019
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HCI Energy Founder Discusses the Future of Powering Telecom Infrastructure at Connect X

LENEXA, Kan. (May 22, 2019) — HCI Energy’s founder and CEO, Ray Ansari, participated in a featured session at today’s Connect X event. Held in Orlando, Fl., this annual expo convenes the buyers and sellers of connectivity solutions, and showcases the innovative technology, underlying infrastructure and partner ecosystem driving the future of communications.

Ansari served as one of three panelists covering Distributed Energy and Energy Storage: New Opportunities in Telecom Infrastructure within the Towers and Macro Sites 2.0 conference track. Fueled by the rapid growth of mobile technologies, the need for higher levels of data and increased reliability, the telecom industry is investing heavily in distributed generation and battery storage. Session speakers took this opportunity to highlight innovative products in distributed energy storage (DES) and opportunities for infrastructure owners to provide new services in distributed energy services. Specifically, Ansari discussed how HCI Energy’s Hybrid Cube is poised to reduce the cost of electricity at tower sites; maintain operations in areas with unreliable power; increase energy reliability and ensure the continuous operation of telecom networks, regardless of location or external factors; and also meet the demand needed to supply regular power in areas with extended outages or crisis situations.

“Traditionally, power has been produced by a variety of plants and distributed across the grid to different neighborhoods. At present, solar and wind farms are generating additional power for the central grid, and we’re looking at being part of that as our system becomes a microgrid. Given telecom’s need for 5G, requiring anywhere from 400 watts up to five kilowatts of energy per site, it will place immense demand on utilities. Being able to decentralize power with integrated energy storage will give utilities the ability to provide needed power for the expansion expected with 5G and small cell technology,” said Ansari. “The Hybrid Cube can then provide distributed energy throughout cities and communities, while offering redundancy, generating clean power and delivering reliability to critical infrastructure.”

Ansari discussed other features of the Cube, including its fuel agnostic design, its ability to withstand high winds and major weather episodes, and its ability to mitigate theft and damage risks. Ultimately, he noted that telecom, public safety and disaster relief are the three primary vertical targets for the product.

Several members of the HCI Energy team were on hand to share details and design configuration options of the Hybrid Cube product with expo attendees. The containerized solution continues to generate national interest, and will be part of an upcoming Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) exercise conducted along the New Madrid Fault Line in early June.


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