Just In: HCI Energy’s technology positioned to augment worldwide COVID vaccine response

With vaccination a critical piece of the efforts to curtail the coronavirus pandemic, HCI Energy has partnered with Vaccine Pods and Stirling Ultracold to help solve this public health crisis. HCI’s always-on, sustainable power solution allows pharmaceutical companies, government organizations and NGOs to streamline cold chain logistics and deliver safely stored vaccines to underserved, high-risk populations.

Introducing a Better Kind of Hybrid

renewable alternative energy

Hybrid power systems are not a new concept.

For years, these systems have combined various technologies to provide reliable power tailored to the local renewable resources available and the needs of a particular community or situation. However, these systems have presented challenges in terms of efficiency, cost, accessibility and other key issues.

At HCI Energy, we’ve taken a revolutionary approach to delivering renewable energy. Our self-contained Hybrid Cube can power communities, military ops, disaster relief efforts and many other important initiatives more effectively … and for less. Discover the difference the hybrid power system of tomorrow can make today.

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I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your "Hybrid Cube" has performed well beyond our expectations. I am very impressed and delighted with both the product and the service HCI has provided.

Paul Vescovo, Sheriff, Clay County