How the Hybrid Cube Works

energy generation in action

While reading about the Hybrid Cube’s features, functionality and innovative design can give you a better understanding of the product and its capabilities, the true power of the Cube is better conveyed by seeing it in action.

Proof of Concept Video

To better determine if the Hybrid Cube is right for your organization and your specific market needs, it's important to understand the thought process from design and development through build and implementation.

Take just two minutes to see a rendering of the Hybrid Cube in action, and discover how its ability to solve major energy challenges in a way that minimizes carbon footprint and maximizes opportunity in locations throughout the world puts HCI Energy on the leading edge of the energy frontier.

Virtual Reality Tour

Part of the beauty of the Hybrid Cube package is what it looks like ... from the inside. Use the photosphere image to take a virtual tour of one of our Cubes being used to provide continuous, reliable backup power to support a county-level public safety initiative.

The Cube is available in a number of "off-the-shelf" configurations, or it can be customized based on your specific use case. With endless options for integration of end-user equipment, we can take our proprietary design and tailor it to address any number of energy usage needs. Contact us today to get started.